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Cabinet Stain, Paint, and Thermofoil Finishes

Kitchen cabinet stains and paint finishes give your kitchen a unique look and feel, and at Republic Cabinets, we have options for the style and look you want to achieve. Not only the color, but also the type of wood you choose will determine the look of your kitchen cabinets.

Maple Cabinet Doors and Finishes

Maple is a strong, evenly textured wood with a natural luster. The natural warmth and beauty of this hardwood is reflected in a range of door styles and stains. While it is a very clean, smooth look, you will see random streaks from minerals and possibly even worm tracks. The grain is mostly straight, but can be wavy. Maple is considered a closed-grain wood. It sands to a very smooth finish and will take on a golden hue as it ages.

Oak Cabinet Doors and Finishes

Oak is a warm, open-grained wood that offers elegance and strength for kitchen cabinetry. It has a semi-smooth feel after it has been finished. Oak cabinets stain easily and have a pronounced grain. We have combined the solidarity of oak with a wide array of cabinet door styles and color finishes and stains to provide you with options to complete the look you want.

Birch Cabinet Doors and Finishes

Birch is a medium density hardwood that has a smooth surface texture. It has a tight wood grain that is strong and heavy, with a high resistance to abrasion. Our Severe Use cabinet doors combine the strength of Birch with beautiful color and stain options. The smooth texture of Birch enables paints, stains and polishes to be applied with perfection.

Thermofoil Cabinet Doors and Colors

Thermofoil cabinet doors are constructed using select MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) substrate combined with quality laminate. Republic Industries offers beautiful thermofoils that are durable and consistent with a variety of design options and a wide array of colors and textures to choose from. Thermofoil allows exceptional value with a stylish, upscale look. Furthermore, choosing a thermofoil door on a frameless cabinet is the most environmentally friendly of all our product lines.


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