Republic Cabinets Direct from Texas, is uniquely qualified to offer solutions for your cabinet needs.

Plywood Cabinets

Cabinet boxes are structural and need to be strong and durable. We understand that it is crucial to use a material that can hold kitchen and bathroom items of all weights and sizes.

At Republic Cabinets, we do not use the cheap plywood that is commonly used for sheathing and construction projects. Our cabinet-grade plywood has multiple plies for added strength and durability, professional lamination, and a smooth finish. It cuts cleanly and with little splintering. This is an important feature to consider for securing cabinet hardware. Because drawers are handled so frequently, it is important that the drawer glides remain attached securely to the inner wood material for optimal function, including smooth open and close operations. Our cabinet drawer bottoms and sides are constructed using cabinet-grade plywood to add strength and durability. Our Plywood Cabinets include:

  • All wood frames, doors, and drawer fronts.
  • ½” plywood veneer end panels, bottom, shelves, drawers, and captured bottoms
  • ¾” white epoxy extension glides
  • ¼” plywood veneer back
  • Clear coated interior
  • 100 lb. capacity
  • Upgrades Available

Plywood cabinet boxes are lighter than particle board boxes. This makes installation easier for cabinets designed for walls, where lifting is a factor.


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